Hello. My name is ain syafiqah abd wahid, ain for short. Addicted to outdoor activities. Cute scout girl. Baking is one of my hobby. I'm one of those who have the right to smile. Always wondering who would cry if I die. I love Allah.
He is my crush but I love my parents more than anything else, study is my priority.
Visit my other friends who had been on the TARDIS, will you?
"A man's silence is wonderful to listen to."
"alhamdulillah ;)"
assalamualaikum and hye readers ;)

setiap orang ade rezeki masing-2 by aina syafiqah :) it a simple sentence with a just simple words . tapi you know what readers ? ayat tu yang da buat aku sedar satu perkare , walau macam mane pon aku nanges . sampai air mate darah sekali pon . past is past . aku da ta boleh na ubah result aku .. let's bygone be bygone right ? I'm sorry cause i can't make my parents proud of me ;( it just a tragic story haha .. hope i'll be more serious in my SPM and i hope i din't do the same mistake ;) but .. i still proud of myself : / 4a 4b not bad yeah --" btw congrat to mr. papejelah ;) 9a woot-2 tahniah  *giggle i don't proud of you haha .. cause i'm jeleous with your result : / tggu nty SPM aq tebus balek la weyh :D
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