Hello. My name is ain syafiqah abd wahid, ain for short. Addicted to outdoor activities. Cute scout girl. Baking is one of my hobby. I'm one of those who have the right to smile. Always wondering who would cry if I die. I love Allah.
He is my crush but I love my parents more than anything else, study is my priority.
Visit my other friends who had been on the TARDIS, will you?
"A man's silence is wonderful to listen to."
"Iftar pengakap."
Hello and assalamualaikum haters,
Today I will post some picture of scout 09 members and me at iftar pengakap yesterday. We are the most lunatic scout members. I'm glad for having them as my scout members. Thanks Allah for giving me this chance.

From left Phloy, me, sas, suhaila, wajihah and kuceng.

From left suhaila, wajihah, me and Tuan Shukor. 

Tuan ismail and me.

I heart pengakap, I love pengakap, saya sayang pengakap, saranghaeyo pengakap, wo ai ni pengakap. Thank you for reading :}
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